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Who Is The Richest Nigerian Musician?

Recently someone asked me ” who is the richest nigerian musician?”.

And i was like “I dont know”

And that is exactly the truth of the matter. I dont know the account details of nigerian celebrities. Obviously because i am not their accountants.

I run a Nigerian celebrity news blog but that does not mean i know all the intimate issues of your favorite celebs.Nigerian Celebrity King Tonto Dikeh Is Now Blond

So i definitely do not know “who is the richest nigerian musician” out there. The best i can do is assume.

Which i dont intend doing.

It is the norm to see blog posts with that caption. With different nigerian celebrities listed and this and that sum attached to them.

The truth is, the fact that an artist is famous at the moment and attending lots of shows does not mean he or she is the richest.

Who Is The Richest Nigerian Musician,

To everything there is a Business part and not all of them can lead that life. Some get the money and just spend it as they come.

Some get broke for that very reason while others just manage to maintain a front but really dont have deep pockets as they should.

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And then there are those who are very good at the Business part, have very good investments but are not always making the headlines.

So you see. It would not at all be accurate to say this person is richer than that person.

So it doesn’t matter what you see on social media or what you hear, refrain from saying “hey! He or she is the richest”.

Who Is The Richest Nigerian Musician,

Because you Can never know.

From all this, My Answer to the question “who is the richest nigerian musician?”, is “i dont know”.

But the fact remains that people will always believe what they want to. No matter the reason or facts provided.

For some People 2face is the richest, for others it is Wizkid,Don Jazzy etc.

The Richest Nigerian Musician for many is calculated by how much they love that artiste.

So who is the richest nigerian musician for you?

And why?

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Jah Bless!

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