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Nigerian Celebrity Yule Edochie And The Struggle For Political Power

For those of us following every kind of Nigerian Celebrity news, it is no longer news that the son of Pete Edochie (the man who acted as Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart) is also contesting for a political position in this country.

When I first saw his posts concerning his ambition on Instagram I had thought it was another Nigerian Celebrity dying for some attention, not knowing that he was the entire time scheming for the full stage.

And finally, it is now before us as a fact. A reality with True consequences. One that has forced many of us to ponder “why?”.

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Why is Yule Edochie putting everything else on hold while pursuing political power with an almost manic consistency.

It is true that he is famous, rich and influencial but when it comes to Nigerian politics public admiration does not always translate to election win.

It is also true that we really need to change all the political players in the country as their role so far has had no profit whatsoever to show. But that does not mean it would be easy.

Yule Edochie is young and ready to serve his Nation but to what extent?

Politics in Nigeria is like dinning with the Devil. Once you pick up that fork and fuck with the Devil on his turf, you don’t come back the same.

And personally, even though it is a good thing to want to serve the public, politics is truly not the best means.

Good men go into it and come back morally altered. It’s as if their conscience were removed and replaced with a plethora of vices.

Is the Nigerian Celebrity going in to really serve the people or merely to serve his ego and personal gains?

Power is sweet and political power is one of the most intoxicating in this realm.

But like drunkenness, it can ruin one’s reputation. Yule has for himself at the moment a fine reputation but I fear that one wrong political move can put a permanent dent on that clean profile.

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But what if he is the one to make a real difference?

Then that would be great!

If he is that Nigerian who is allowed into office and money meant for constituency projects are actually used for constituency benefits then that would be great.

If he is that politician that eventually leaves office and he is remembered for service to humanity and transparency then that would be great.

But those are all big “ifs”.

In Nigeria today it is becoming harder than ever to do the right thing. The system just won’t allow you. Except your resolve is as strong as religious intolerance.

The biggest challenge that he would be facing is the issue of tribe that is the most important factor when it comes to which office a Nigerian is allowed to in the federation.

By now we all know that the Igbo’s coming into power is what the North fears the most.

There is a silent rule in place that anyone from that region vying for the Presidency should be frustrated.

But then when it comes to Nigeria, the North don’t ever want to see any other region rule. Obviously the country belongs to them.

Anyways go Yule!

Like all good humans we wish him well on this journey and pray he remains loved should he enter into office (which is not realistically possible).

It would really be nice to see a Nigerian Celebrity become a big time politician, wouldn’t it?

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