Nigerian Celebrities Without Makeup, The Need To Know

When last did you see without makeup?

It’s a guarded secret to say the least.

It is like Nigerian celebritiesand makeup go together, like Siamese twins jointed by their heads.

I have seen some Nigerian celebrities without makeup and I had to wonder why the need for the sometimes too much makeup.

And on other occasions I have seen photos of other celebrities without makeup and immediately I prayed they are always buoyant to buy makeup because without those, they are horrible looking.

Nigerian celebrities are generally good looking but makeup kits have become that necessary magical wand that allows them to look more beautiful than usual.

An appearance trick that has deceived us for so long and is still deceiving us till date.

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For most people the need to see Nigerian celebrities without makeup is not an obvious one.

But when you realize how much of an influence they hold on people then you would see the need to cross check if all that glitters is truly gold.

Nigerian celebrities are so powerful that just a simple image post on Instagram is strong enough to make some ladies somewhere feel inferior.

Some immediately begin to see their skin as the fault or maybe as an hereditary issue.

But the truth is, some of your favourite nigerian celebrities without makeup are so just ordinary and not too good looking that you immediately begin to see your real worth.

Ladies need to know that what their Favourite celebs look like sometimes is just the perfect handiwork of makeups and quality cameras.

Some of these ladies have become so obsessed with the whole idea of looking like their TV screens idols no matter the consequence.

But what they fail to realize is that not everything that actually glitters is gold.

A lot of these Nigerian celebrities are just the shine and brightness of expensive makeups and there is no competing with that.

So my dear sister just chill!

By taking time out to search for images of Nigerian celebrities without makeup most of us will learn the ugly truth.

That even celebrities can be ugly and that is not a bad thing at all.

Nigerian celebrities without makeup, Gossip Chef,

I think true beauty is from within, that warmth, humility and empathy that we don’t get to see on the surface easily is the true value.

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So yes! We will be making a post on Nigerian celebrities without makeup on our next post with their photos attached and the idea is simple “Don’t allow fake beauty become the standard of what you should look like”.

The truth is, most of you ordinary Nigerians are more beautiful than them, even with their makeup.

Just learn to love yourselves. Stop living for the critics and social media media standards that is not at all reality.

Another reason why it is important to see images of Nigerian celebrities without makeup is so that we know who is really beautiful and who is not.

Even for Nigerian celebrities, the issue of not being photogenic is still there.

So what we often see on social media is not the true picture of things.

Their unaltered images will give us the chance to see their imperfections and that is a good thing.

With that, it is then made obvious that they are also humans. Humans with flaws and as such we are allowed to learn to live with our own short comings.

Stay tuned for the second chapter of Nigerian celebrities without makeup and I promise you that it will be fun.


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