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Gossip Chef Is Your Best Bet For Nigerian Celebrities Gists

Many people are now curious about what Gossip Chef is all about.

For them Gossip Chef Is just another Nigerian Celebrity News blog until a proper mission statement is made.

It is therefore for that reason that I have decided to write this post and with it try to outline what this blog is all about.

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Gossip Chef has been in existence for a long time. But because success is a long journey. It has fallen into the shadows severally, got redefined many times and finally it is here again, this time to stay for good.

It is true that we are primarily focused on Nigerian celebrities and everything revolving around them.

But our delivery is way way different from what you will get from other Nigerian Celebrity News blogs.

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Felix Brambaifa. CEO of Gossip Chef

We come to you with originality. Even when we touch on the same subject matter with other blogs, we promise to deliver that story from a different perspective.

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We are all about being Unique and that is just the centre of our online presence.

Like the name “Gossip Chef” implies, we cook the sweetest gossip, combining the best Nigerian celebrities gists with our unique style of writing that is the seasoned product of both originality and creativity.

In other words Gossip Chef Is entertainment journalism at it’s best.

In fact we forbid carrying the same word to word content that you can find on other blogs.

Except it is being featured on our site. This blog is where you come online to get a fresh breath.

Something different from the copy and paste tradition in operation on the various Nigerian Celebrity News blogs saturating the Nigerian blogosphere for no good reason other than just making money.

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Gossip Chef Is definitely your best bet for those Nigerian celebrities gists that will keep you entertained.

But it will be a terrible crime to enjoy all these goodness by yourself. Always remember to recommend this blog to your friends and family.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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