13 Nigerian Male Actors Who Have Died But Are Still In Our Hearts

There are many Nigerian Male Actors Who Have Died and left us to wonder “why so soon”.

The truth is, there is never a right time for a person to die. Especially when that person is someone we love and adore.

Pain although sometimes unpleasant serves as a constant reminder of what was, what use to be and what will forever be lost in time no matter how much we yearn for it.

There are many Nigerian Male Actors Who Have Died in recent past that gave us the chills.

Their demise sent most of us into a shock that later became the psychological launch pad that most of us needed in order to start asking metaphysical questions.

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Today we shall take time out to remember them. To show that they are not yet completely lost to time.

That we miss them even though their mortal page has reached the final line.

1. Sam Loco Efe

Nigerian Male Actors Who Have Died

2. Justus Esiri

Nigerian Male Actors Who Have Died

3. J T Tom West

4. Pete Eneh

5. Francis Agu

These Nigerian male actors who have died and gone to the great beyond were at one or the other the reason why we turned on our TV set.

They were so influential that it was hard taking notice of other equally talented actors.

And now that they are gone, the vacuum they left behind is still so real.

But the idea is not to mourn but to celebrate them.

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6. Ashley Nwosu

7. Peter Bunor

8.Enebeli Elebuwa

9.David Ihesie

10. Muna Obiekwe

11. Dede One Day

12. James Uche

13. Natty

People die everyday but some people even though they are no more with shall continue to dwell in our hearts.

Not every one is remembered. Not everyone is celebrated. The truth, is how you live your life and how it affected others will determine whether your name is treated with love or disdain.

May the souls of these Nigerian Male Actors Who Have Died continue to rest easy.


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