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6 Nigerian Music Purpose That Every Artiste Should Adhere To

The whole idea behind any kind of music is the message it carries. Something Nigerian Music theses days don’t seem to carry with its different style and rhythm.

Our music theses days is all about sound and movement only.

Nigerian music is failing when looked at, as a very valuable weapon in the battle for societal change and justice.

The themes easily detected from Nigerian songs are profanity, sexual slurs, drug abuse and materialism at it’s most wicked height.

But it is not all of our songs that have taken that tune but that is a matter for another time.

There was a time when Nigerian music was all about society. When it was the voice of the people.

Now it is simply the vehicle leading the majority of us to a life that is everything far from the real questions upon which the thread of our very existence now dangerously dangles.

Nigerian music could be a very potent weapon against the many ills affecting us as a people and society.

But sadly, that is not the case!

95 percent of our musicians are either morons or intelligent minds who know better but are just too selfish to cater for a greater good.

To them, music is just for fun and money making.

A self destructive lie!

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Now let us get to the crux of the matter.

What are those Nigerian Music Purpose That Every Artiste Should Adhere to?

Every Song Should Contain A Message. There should a reasonable purpose to a song.

It shouldn’t just be a mixture of dance and nudity which seem to be the case these days.

Below I will be listing out the different messages a Nigerian Music should contain.

Here we go….

  • A Messenger Of The People

We all know by now that the change often promised by Nigerian politicians are just sugar coated lies.

They easily lie to us through their manifestos and agents of propaganda and for them, it’s just business as usual.

To make matters worse those elected to represent us at the national level are just there for bribes and the good life.

This is where Nigerian Music comes in as a messenger for the people.

Nigerian music should be that voice able to talk about the failures of our society and how people suffer for it, without having to take a seat in the Senate or such political places of power.

Many Nigerian Musicians are so powerful that just by singing about a matter, can easily start an unprecedented change.

Nigerian music should talk about “no light” like African China once did.

Should talk about poor roads and health system and the general plight of the people.

In other words Nigerian Music must first and foremost always be used as a tool for the benefit of the masses for a better life promised them by politicians that are hardly met.

Nigerian music should be that voice that never fails to take our message to the government.

  • A Tool Against Government Brutality

There are a lot of abnormalities structured within the different levels of government in the country today.

The very reason why we are so painfully living in poverty and suffering is because there are many physical errors that have been allowed too long to linger without any logical conclusion to them.

For instance Police Brutality is now a complete societal menace. One that needs urgent response from those up above.

But like always they have become too distant from the plight of the people that the only way to get them to listen is through a select few (Nigerian Celebrities), who can help make a stand through their different craft, in this case, music.

Just some few days ago we saw Ruggedman gave his support for the #EndSars movement but he didn’t stop there, he went forward to call other celebs to the task.

He knows that each Nigerian Celebrity is a power house with their own following and space of Influence and authority.

He knows that coming together and standing for a cause like #EndSars is the greatest support the common man can get in their bid to get rid of a branch of the police force that has become hell bent on making our lives miserable.

If you are a Nigerian Musician, then your Nigerian Music must honour this purpose.

  • A Tool Against Religious And Tribal Hate

When you take a good look at Nigeria, it is clear as purified water that we are a people defined by our hate for each other.

We are so similar and yet so different. So different that we don’t care if we live or die in our quest to prove that we are the better opposite.

But despite our religious and tribal differences. Music is still a unifying factor in our lives.

It is still a common ground that we are all ready to step on in an instant notice.

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When that music through its lyrics are engineered to breach this gap and creat a more closer bond then it becomes a tool that unites.

The Igbo’s of Eastern Nigeria don’t get along too well with the Yoruba’s, but they love Olamide, Lagbaja and Asa as if they were all true sons and daughter of the Biafran Soil.

The love for an artiste can easily translate to his or her own tribal people.

Little wonder 2face Idibia is known to shout “One Love” because he understands that as a celebrity there is a voice in his person that can really make Nigerians get more closer as a people.

He sees himself as a common ground. A unifying factor between his tribal and over religious people.

In other words Nigerian Music should be used in closing the gap between our people.

  • An Educational Tool For The Masses

If there is one thing that Fela did for me as a person is that he created an awareness inside of me of the Dangers a black man most run away from.

He talked about physical and mental slavery.

He talked about the black man and how lost he has become in the many delusions created by the white man under the guise of advancement.

He taught me to question my beliefs.

He showed us the true expression of free speech. He showed us that it is our duty as citizens to call government to order.

He educated us on our rights and how to know when they are about to be taken away from us.

Though music Fela taught us to be fearless.

If you are a singer do remember to also follow this path after the dancing is over, because at the end of the day dancing can’t become the redeemer we desire.

  • Teach Values And Culture

As Nigerians! As Africans! We have a way of life. We have culture and there is that urgent need to make sure our way of life is not lost to the malignant intrusion of Western excesses.

Where lies the long term gains when all Nigerian Musicians are ready to sing about are Tramadol, Weed and sex?

How does it help our society?

When you listen to Asa, there is this decency to her and her music.

When You listen to Timi Dakolo, there is this gentility and moral religiosity to his person and songs that in one way or the other tries to edify both family and the church.

We are not saying there shouldn’t be Shaku Shaku. We are not saying completely stop singing about drugs and other moral vices.

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Just tune it a bit down while amplifying the message of morality for our youths that are already too hungry and weak to continue on the path of decency all by themselves.

Don’t be the hands that prods them to their untimely fall.

Use Nigerian Music for a greater good.

  • Truth Telling

Back in school one of my lecturers had categorically stated that “the problem with Nigeria is truth telling”.

And I concur.

To start talking about how our political class has failed us in this regard is to waste time on a useless journey.

It’s a sad fact and there is nothing more to talk about concerning that. It’s already established and it’s not changing anytime soon.

The area that still vexes me is the religious class. These supposed mouth pieces of God are now nothing but mere stooges under the manipulating power of government.

Personally I rather listen to a politician talk about our society than listen to any religious leader.

It is better to listen to lies than hypocrisy.

This vacuum is one that Nigerian Music can completely fill.

Through sound and lyrics truth can be broadcasted to a larger audience and consequently help influence their thought and actions.

Like Eedris Abdulkareem did with his hit song Jaga Jaga.

Check out a portion of the lyrics.

Nigeria jagajaga
Everything scatter scatter
Poor man dey suffer suffer
Gbosa, gbosa, gun shot inna di air
Armed robber came to your house
Eno thief money, eno rape your wife
Went straight up to your bedside (Gbosa)
Six feet, now you are down
Which armed robber no want money
Which armed robber no want joley
Na political armed robber be that
Na wetin dey kill Nigeria o

Now that is basically the Nigerian Story.

I hope this post was “making sense”? Make sure to always come back for more.

Over here at Gossip Chef, it only gets better with time.

So stay tuned.

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