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So Omoni Oboli Has A Book Launched Already? “The Stars Are Ageless”

I would admit that this one caught me by surprise.

I didn’t even hear of any news pertaining to the matter until today. I went on Instagram. Stumbled on her page and then saw this.

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The title of the book: The Stars Are Ageless.

Launched: On Saturday, May 12, 2018, at The Wheatbaker, located at the highbrow Ikoyi area of Lagos.

You could go grab a copy, find a cool place to read every bit like she is doing below.

The Review From Okada Books

Omoni Oboli’s “The Stars Are Ageless” Is the Icing On the Cake!

I’m not a fan of memoirs. I’ve never been one. But then, there are times I come across some, and depending on the content, I found them really insightful, educative, motivating and sometimes, entertaining. However, Omoni Oboli’s “The Stars Are Ageless,” is the total icing on the cake.
The moment I started, I didn’t want to put it down. Almost every page I turned got me hooked. The book tells the story of her birth, her childhood, marriage, life as an actress, obstacles and how she came on top.

I’ve read a lot of feedback on this book before I started reading it, and everyone praised it. I thought, well, maybe its because they are Omoni’s fans. I must confess I wasn’t really a fan of hers until we started to communicate with her about having her book on OkadaBooks. And then I visited her page and saw all the work she has done and was like, wow! Have I been under the rock?
Then I had an Instagram interview chat with her last week and it was really an eye-opener. I began to appreciate her personality, as she is the type who is natural and easy to get along with. With Omoni, what you see is what you get.
However, after reading this book, I have totally fallen in love with her. Nope! I’m not a lesbian. But I’m in love with this woman. Anyone who reads
“The Stars Are Ageless” knows this book came from the heart of someone with so much passion for family, friends, her career, and determination to be a success.
The part about her Marriage to Nnamdi Oboli was funny though. I mean, how do you get married to someone you really don’t know? However, what makes her case unique is that her marriage has stood the test of time, despite the fact that they had no time to really know each other before getting married.
It is common these days to find marriages hitting the rocks, even when the couple involved dated each other for years. And so in this light, I’d say Omoni Oboli’s marriage should be an example to a lot of couples. Her description of her husband tells he is very supportive of her. And I want to think she is supportive of him too, as a husband will be too happy support a wife who supports him.
But then, it is very unfortunate that the media, most especially our online news platforms and blogs, are quick to spread scandals without ever investigating, just because of the need for traffic.
As regards the issue with ‘Okafor’s Law”, I never really followed that story, but reading about it in “The Stars Are Ageless” brought to mind King Solomon’s wisdom with the woman who lost her child to death and wanted the other woman’s baby.
When something is yours, you do everything within your power to protect it, to guard it. You don’t even mind taking the fall for whatever the issue is, as long as that thing is protected. Reading this book, I didn’t have any issues believing Omoni’s side of the story. Anybody who reads this will feel the passion with which she wrote about the scandal, as well as the passion with which she followed the lawsuit and tried everything in her power to make things right, even though the other party was wrong, or would I say, misled. You get to understand how Omoni was affected by the scandal. Then you know, she was really the victim. Read The Complete Review.

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