Child Labour In Nigeria

Child Labour In Nigeria

Child labour in is not at all a distant fictional reality.

You don’t have to look far before your gaze is confronted by the painful sight of a child living life through sweat from his or her brow.

And then you begin to wonder if the Nigerian government is at all bothered by the sad daily experiences of its citizenry.

Things are so bad that a child is forced to forego the simple things of life (his age grade) and forced to start attending to the basics of survival.

But the blame does not belong to the government alone.

The parents of such kids are to be blamed also. It is true that most have all it takes, from strength to mental qualifications but no job to engage them.

But there are others who are lazy, no university paper or acquired skills but yet continue to bring children into the world like mosquitoes.

But no matter what, in Nigeria must be tackled

And it begins with you and me.

When next you see a child on the streets during school hours hawking or just idling bye, please make enquiries.

Seek out their parents and in very bad cases, report to the necessary authorities.

God Bless The .

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