10 Prayer Points For Academic Success

Prayer Points For Academic Success

10 For Academic Success

In life the need to make progress cannot be over emphasised. Its a destination we all want to arrive at.

And as students of life or the university, academic success is a necessity.

And truth be told, there is no other better source for it than in God and through .

And it is for this reason that we shall be listing 10 prayer points for .

So are you ready?

1. God! My Father! Grant me the grace to recollect every information that I read, in Jesus name.

2. O lord grant me the grace to overcome procrastination when it comes to engaging myself with my studies.

3. In the name of Jesus I pray for the grace to be attentive in class and outside class.

4. Dear Lord help me withstand against every form of distractions in school that would lead me to failure in name.

5. My father in heaven help me find favour in the sight of my teachers/lecturers in Jesus name.

6. Dear God grant me full expression without any block when writing my exams, let every information I need come unhindered to me in Jesus name.

7. Dear Lord grant me the grace to be dutiful with my studies, the grace to visit the library regularly so that I am always well equipped intellectually for my my academic challenges.

8. Dear God help me balance my self in school. To be able to feed, have better accommodation so that my academic life is not affected by economic restraints.

9. Dear God save me from unnecessary peer pressures that would take my eyes away from my academic targets.

10. In the name of Jesus I pray to always have around me friends that are focused academically so that I am always motivated to read more.

There you have it. 10 prayer points for academic success that can make all the difference.

Remember! God is able!

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