Nigerian Singles And The Love For Money

Nigerian Singles And The Love For Money

Nigerian singles and the love for is not an issue that can be attributed to just one gender alone.

Both the male and female divide in are guilty of this particular obsession.

It is true that the female folks are more financially greedy.

Of course they love conspicuous consumptions.

But there are male out there also whose love for money has turned them into gigolos and sugar boys.


The truth is, there is so much lack in the land. And the desire to survive most times is carried into relationships.

Typically, when dating a Nigerian girl you are expected to foot her entire bills.

In fact, how much you spend on her is the barometer through which your supposed love is measured and judged.

Little wonder relationships don’t last that long for most couples.

A guy is seen as an ATM Machine and nothing else. The day he stops dispensing cash, she stops loving.

But so it is also for a small percentage of guys in the country. For them it is all about the material gain.

But then, we all need to survive.

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