The Nigerian People Needs To Know

The Nigerian People Needs To Know

The Needs To Know

The absence of President Buhari has seen a lot of make very unhealthy assumptions and wishes.

Many that can only count as pure evil mindedness on the part of the majority of Nigerians who want their President dead.

But apart from this lot. The fact still remains that the Nigerian people needs to know the truth.

They have the right to demand knowledge of their President’s whereabout.


It is their constitutional right.

Among many things the people needs to know.

* If truly their President is still alive or dead.

* And if alive, if he is still capable of running the country’s affairs despite restraints.

The way the matter is currently being handled gives a terrible stench to the whole matter.

Forcing many of us to think that maybe the worse has already happened.

Since speculations can never serve as truth, it is then time for the government to speak openly because the Nigerian people need to know if Osibanjo has truly become the constitutional “NEXT”.

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