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Service Delivery vs Exclusivity. I have had cause to explain this issue. Guess, ignorance needs to be constantly addressed for the one track minds to embrace true perspectives.

Now and then, when I make statements with a hint of politics, some idiot is quick to say, “ keep quiet. You benefited from those you are blabbering about?” Some I dignify with an answer, others I just block. I usually go to the page of the person who wrote it to understand where they are coming from.

THE PAGE IS PRIVATE, I just block. Because you can not keep your opinion to yourself and dissect mine for pleasure. Mbaaanu. So, let me address this issue one more time.

I am a comedian and master of ceremonies. Sometimes I develop ideas, help create and manage brand identity. In short, I am a creative engineer.

I create solutions that meet needs of customers AS REQUIRED. I am no different from advertising agencies, newspaper houses, radio & television stations, event planners & airlines. What are my services? Often, calls come to me requesting for my services as MC or as Comedian. I ask basic questions. What kind of event? Date? Venue? Time? Guests? Duration? Once I have full understanding of the event we go to whether I can provide the requested service and at what price. Fee agreed. Date booked. On D-Day, service is delivered, on to the next.

This is not different from going to an airline finding available flight, buying a ticket and once they they take off and land, service has been delivered. Again for radio and television, you can place your advert, pay & once it’s aired, the deal is done. Same goes for advertorials and adverts.

The event planners are not left out of this simple service requested/service delivered pattern. This means, you can provide your services for anyone.

That is as long as you are not tied down by an EXCLUSIVITY CLAUSE. I am signed to Yudala, Remy Martin, Samsung… that means I would avoid conflict of interests.

Have you seen any medical doctor who has a sign at his hospital that says, only PDP patients are treated here? So, when one doctor told me to zip it, because I have provided services for politicians, I blamed ignorance. I am not in PDP or APC.

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