How To Look More Attractive 

Have you ever wonder look more attractive?

If you haven’t then there is something seriously wrong with how you see life.

Because it is only natural that as humans we make progress and seek out what is best for us.

And looking good is one of such things.

Most people are considered more attractive than others and apart from many other reasons, it is because they have .

And believe it when I tell you that ladies love men with low . And in case you don’t know, it is the low body that gives men that strong squared jawline and chin that women love.

A signaling factor of testosterone!

In other words the first path on would be to loose as much body fat as you can with dieting and exercises.

How to look more attractive

That is Jared Leto in the movie chapter 27 and for the role he had to gain 60 pound.

And that is what his face became like as a result of the extra fat.

Proving that excess fat conceals our true beauty. It buries underneath the layers of fat what we really look like.

How to look more attractive

Now that is Jared Leto without the extra body fat and the difference is clear enough to push home my point.

That loosing that extra body fat would reveal your true looks and make you look more appealing.

If you have extra body fat then be encouraged with the fact that loosing those layers now is all that is standing between you and a sexy face.

What about the female folks?

How to look more attractive

That is what 30 pounds extra turned Charlize Theron into in the movie monster.

How to look more attractive

With the extra fat gone her face and neck now looks more defined.

The instances above is enough to guide you in your how to look more attractive goal.

Which when summarized is simply to get a lean face by reducing the extra body fat hiding what you really look like.

In case you are still in doubt, let us take a look at how 30 pounds of extra fat changes Matt Damon in the movie informant.

How to look more attractive

And you say the fat has nothing to do with it right? Cmon!

This is Matt Damon on a regular day.

How to look more attractive
Get up from that couch, take your self to the gym and eat wisely with a proper editing plan.

And  make sure that while you are laying of that extra body of fat, you are also adding up on your muscle mass.

And at the end if it, a lean face with all the sexiness awaits you.

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