The Two Kinds Of Penis Out There

The two that cuts across the male divide is not made up of the big and the small or the weak and the strong.

It is made of the and the .

I bet you want to know the differences between these two kinds of .

And thats what this post is all about!

Let’s start with the shower.


The shower is the kind of penis that is considered big at first glance. You look at the dude and his is obvious.

You see the unmistakable big bulge.

And you immediately come to the conclusion that “he has a big penis”

A shower gives an impression of great size while flaccid.

Now the twist is, when erect not much is added to it in most cases.

Kinds of penis



The grower on the other hand is the kind of penis that looks small when flaccid.

But then surprisingly becomes big when erect.

That’s why it is called a grower. It grows as the blood starts pumping through it.

When measured during their erect state, a grower can even prove more bigger.

The difference between these two kinds of penis is that the grower looks small while flaccid while the shower looks bigger but when erect. A grower can become as large as a shower and sometimes even more larger.

The point to take home especially if you are a female is that you can’t judge the true size of a man’s penis when it is in a flaccid state.

Wait for it to become erect and determine for yourself its true size.

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