Homsexuality As A Way Of Life In Nigeria

Homosexuality as a way of life in is a reality that would never be allowed easy expression.

Not because there are no homosexuals in Nigeria but because the numbers that are against it are in the majority.

There are many issues that Nigerians have against this particular sexual orientation.

Apart from the fact that the Bible forbids it and thus permits Nigerian Christians to discriminate against it.

The African Indigenous religions hate it even more.

Therefore faces a strong enemy that is ancient and obstinate in its refusal.

The Moslems and other religions in the country are not also its ally and thus would never give their support.

Homosexuality as a way of life in Nigeria, Gossip Chef,
In other words is an obstacle to as a way of life in Nigeria.

But seriously why the need to spread it in a country that would never completely accept it.

The reason for refusal also goes beyond religion.

Homosexuality is considered a Western trait and idea. A force unleased to destroy African values.

A strong reason why those who are not religious won’t dare give their support.

So, if your are among those praying for the growth and acceptance of homosexuality as a way of life in Nigeria then your wait is not ending anytime soon.

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