That Nigerian Homosexual Pastor

There is always that lurking around and hiding behind the veil of righteousness.

Personally these kind of homosexuals are the most dangerous because they enjoy a trust they don’t deserve.

They are sexual pretenders and their kind of perversion is the worse and I will explain why.

A ordinarily comes across as the voice of God, that human that is better than all of us in the area of moral discipline.

But a Nigerian is none of that. He carries a guilt and moral decay that is worse than what most of us are dealing with.

Because of his role a a pastor he is forced to hide his true self. In this instance, being a pastor becomes a role he just have to act out.

Nigerian homosexual pastor
He climbs the pulpit and preaches, and with his voice raised to the heavens he condemns all forms of sins, homosexuality included.
But when no one is around, he feeds his perversion in the most horrendous of ways.

In other words a pastor is a pretender and hypocrite.

As a pastor he enjoys the trust of members and with this conferred trust he gains access to their private quarters.

Their children becomes his own in the name of the Lord and with this free access many cases of a Nigerian pastor defiling a male child has surfaced.

The excuse that follows is “it was the devil”.

The reason for this post is to inform church members that there is a dangerous rise of homosexuals in the church.

Which as a fact has reduced the house of God to a secret garden of sodomy and other forms of perversion.

It is then their duty to be watchful, not to cast trust on anyone simply because they are their pastors.

Protect the anus of your kids,even from the church because these Nigerian homosexual pastors are now on the loose looking for that Innocent child’s anus to devour.

Parents be watchful!

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