The Truth About Nigerian Pastors And Money

When it comes to pastors and it is like a Siamese twins content with their condition.

This fact can be seen when one takes a curious look at the various churches in and the sermons of prosperity that is never ending.

A lot of these pastors were motivated in the first place not by God but by the visions of possible material gains.

Nigerian pastors and money
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Remove money from the church and a lot of pastors would find another trade.
It is true that no one can run a church without finances but in the case of majority of Nigerian pastors it is not about church maintenance but their individual nourishment.

There is no separation between a lot of Nigerian pastors and money. It is the reason for the sheep clothing.

It is then no wonder that a lot of them are ritualists. A lot of them make use of occult powers for miracles and prophetic visions.

Both of them spiritual gifts that has seen many fall into the abyss of deceit and manipulation.

Nigerian pastors and money
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For these Nigerian pastors, anything can be carried out as long as it would guarantee more money through large numbers of church members who are gullible in every sense of the word.
These Nigerian pastors and money as a reality would always remain a part of Christianity in Nigeria.

Before you enter that church premise, always be guided by the thought that there are more fake pastors than real ones.

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