41 Prayer Points For Nigeria

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Nigeria as a nation is going through a terrible phase of its existence. One in which negativity has become the order of the day.

Nigerians without choice must now return to the heavens with for as their demands from the Most High.

So on this post we shall be lending our voice to that prayer requests with our own prayer points. Which you can add to your own private lists.

Prayer points for Nigeria

Prayer Points For Nigeria 

  1. Dear grant us the grace to live as one despite our ethnic backgrounds.
  2. In the name of make unity the core values of our national institutions.
  3. Dear God help us as a people to be able to tolerate our different religious affiliations.
  4. Our God! Our Father! Make the love for our country the only love that’s comes first before any other nation on earth.
  5. Dear God Make Nigeria the centre of your presence on earth.
  6. Father God do nor abandon us in this time of great difficulty, social, political and religious strife.
  7. God in heaven make Nigeria a place of righteousness, a place where corruption no matter its kind us Is relegated to the background.
  8. Dear God give the Nigerian army the strength to face every form of terrorism and oppression be it internal or external in nature.
  9. In the name of Jesus let every corrupt policeman and woman aiding and abetting crimes be exposed and duly punished no matter their level or rank.
  10. God do not allow greedy and wicked Nigerian politicians to succeed in their schemes of national sabotage.
  11. Dear God give the constitution of Nigerian the right law makers that would call for its full expressions for the benefit of all Nigerians.
  12. As a part of the core prayer points for Nigeria, dear God heal the president of this nation and grant him perfect health, wisdom and common love for all Nigerians in his duty as the number one citizen of the country.
  13. Help Nigerians overcome the spirit if tribalism that has taken over the general consciousness of the people.
  14. Help the country develop a national philosophy that would become the thought pattern of the people.
  15. In the name of Jesus! I pray that all the regions in Nigeria would find solidarity and instead of seeking  independent governments would work together to build a stronger Nigeria.
  16. In the name of Jesus I degree that any form of terrorist cell in the country no matter its region or basis be easily crushed into nonexistence.
  17. Dear God, you that is the law and rule of the entire universe, please help Nigeria practice true federalism so that every part of the country would be content with their inclusion in the union.
  18. In the name of Jesus no matter what, Nigeria as a country will not break apart. Instead those flaws causing any form of dissatisfaction would be catered for through justice and fairness.
  19. Dear God deliver the governing of Nigeria from the hands of evil and occult men.
  20. In Jesus name we degree against all forms of election violence.
  21. In the name of Jesus we degree against every form of political malpractice.
  22. In the name of Jesus Nigeria will never be islamized.
  23. In the name of Jesus Christianity in Nigeria and especially the northern parts of Nigeria would prosper grow roots like a tree planted by the river side.
  24. Dear God save our kids from all kinds of bae influence, especially cultism and evil initiations.
  25. Dear God help Nigeria overcome hunger and poverty.
  26. Dear God help Nigeria to be able self sustain its self.
  27. In the name of Jesus save the innocent from fake drugs and quackery.
  28. Dear God save our kids both the male and females from every form of sexual perversion, rape and molestation.
  29. In the name of Jesus I degree that every attempts for ritualists to get human parts be frustrated.
  30. It is said that the fight is not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities. Therefore in the name of Jesus every witch and wizard against the growth and prosperity of our country be consumed by fire.
  31. God grant us the strength as a country to withstand any international Oppression that is uncalled for.
  32. In the name of Jesus we degree against every form of  homosexuality and lesbianism, that is trying to hijack our constitution and mentality.
  33. God save us from too much foreign influence that is now a threat to our simple and moral cultural values.
  34.  Father God help Nigerians to be patriotic, as such, be able to serve their father land no matter their difficulty ahead.
  35. In the name of Jesus we degree against politicians dividing Nigerians along religious and ethnic lines.
  36. Dear God make justice, fairness and equity as the backbone of the country.
  37. Help us become a true Democratic country with the respect and love for God as our common bond in Jesus name we pray.
  38. Dear God help the female population in the country have a voice.
  39. Dear God help us fight for all rights that is right to possess for our survival as a people.
  40. In the name of Jesus we degree that every part of our economy begins to prosper.
  41. Father God make the common good the pursuit as you personally drag Nigeria from the state of nature that she is currently in.
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