What Should Be The Fate Of A Nigerian Homosexual Pastor?

Nigerian as a caption has Become a daily repetition on the front cover of our newspapers.

This lot are now into the business of defiling young males in the name of Jesus.

And in such instances a great crime has being perpetrated and the need for punishment now a just necessity.

The fate of a Nigerian homosexual pastor
But as most of us have already seen a lot of these pastors are treated to confidential scolding.

The church hides the matter mostly because of the bad reputation it might lend to the image of the church.

But that is where they are getting it all wrong.

The fate of  a pastor should be addressed only through the lenses of justice.

The crime should be weighed against both the moral codes of the church as well as the laws of the land.

If the Nigerian law says 14 years is the prescribed punishment, the church must adhere to that sanction and submit such homosexual miscreants.

The fate of a Nigerian homosexual pastor,
No matter their religious rank. The church cannot continue to allow forgiveness and repentance as the only reaction to crimes of sodomy.

Most of these homosexual pastors are not first time offenders. And as such they are no longer entitled to the grace of just forgiveness and repentance.

When a crime has been committed multiple times then the culprit must be made to face the music.

Only then can justice be said to have been fully expressed.

It is said that.

When a crime goes unpunished, the world is unbalanced. When a wrong is unavenged, the heavens look down on us in shame. We too must die for this circle of vengeance to be closed.

If for nothing else, the fate of a should be one of strict punishment so that the circle of vengeance might be closed.

The punishment of such men brings a finality to the matter that leaves all the parties involved contented with the outcome.

After all we should reap what we Sow.

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