The Average Nigerian Homosexual Is In Hiding

The average is not at all bold to confront the obvious aggression that is constantly against his kind.

So for him everyday is an existence cloaked by pretence and the desire to blend in.

But apart from the supposed aggression from others a lot of do not want to be associated with the idea in public.

Their sexual orientation is considered as a thing to be ashamed of.

They see themselves as victims of the devils manipulation.

A Nigerian is not in hiding simply because there are people out there who hate his sexual preference.

Nigerian homosexual
That’s just a little part of the whole reason.

The main reason has to do with his own conscience or rather the guilt associated with his .

A lot of Nigerian homosexuals consider homosexuality as a sin against God.

And this is the main mental block preventing them from being bold.

Until the entry of western gay homosexuality ideologies of being “gay and proud”, the average Nigerian homosexual was more concerned with overcoming the sexual impulse through the intervention of God.

But at the moment the Western world has so interfered with the homosexual issues in Nigeria that it is longer about God helping out but about coming out from the closet and living their life without consideration for their religious moral codes or God’s word.

But despite this mental struggle and the mental empowerment from western gay literatures and concepts, the average Nigerian homosexual is still caught in middle of guilt and the fear of God.

Now the question is.

Is it right for these Nigerian homosexuals to continue viewing themselves as an abomination before God and thus seeking his forgiveness and help?


Are the western literature and concepts of being “gay and proud” the evil Nigerian gay men should be afraid of?

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