The Full Extent Of The Nigerian Homosexual Law

We all heard about the that immediately made “14 years” a threat all by itself.

But only a few actually have read the complete details of that law.

This post would try to bring the matter before your direct gaze with more details attached to it than just “14 years”.

When it comes to law, there were already in existence other penal codes before the “14 years” clause was introduced.

In the northern States of Nigeria under the sharia law it was stipulated that offenders be punished by stoning, which means death.

And still, in the north depending on the homosexual offence, punishments such as a 100 lashes, one year jail term and monetary fine were also included.

Nigerian Homosexual Law

But generally, under its secular law.

On 13 January 2014, The president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan signed into law the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, which parliament passed in May 2013. The law follows a similar one passed in Uganda in December 2013, which imposes life imprisonment for some types of homosexual acts.

But let us go a bit deeper into the homosexual law, so you can tell when as a person you are already circumvent the law and thus becoming an offender.

Under the Criminal Code of 1990, Nigeria provides for a 14-year prison sentence for homosexual acts involving either men or women. In addition, the misleadingly named Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, passed in 2013 and enacted in 2014, provides for prison sentences of 10 years for Nigerians belonging to a gay organization, supporting same-sex marriages, or displaying same-sex affection in public. It also calls for up to 14 years in prison for any Nigerian who marries a member of the .

With the above passage in mind, are you already an accomplice?

Maybe you have an homosexual friend, and as progressive mind you always hang around even in their gay careful!

It mighy come across that you belong to an homosexual organization or in support of their activities.

So with this little detailes of the Nigerian homosexual law I believe you are good to go.

States that have adopted sharia law are Bauchi (in the year 2001), Borno (2000), Gombe (2001), Jigawa (2000), Kaduna (2001), Kano (2000), Katsina (2000), Kebbi (2000), Niger (2000), Sokoto (2000), Yobe (2001) and Zamfara (2000).ross that you belong to a gay organisation.

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