Will Nigerian Anti Homosexual Sentiment Ever End?

Will a time ever come when the would loose its rigid flavour and make tolerance the medium for interaction?

Most people are of the opinion that the only reason that Nigerians hate is because of what the bible and Christianity has taught them.

But that is an insult!

Our cultural values that predates Christianity is more important to us as a people than what the Bible has to say concerning the matter.

These cultural values are the voices of our ancestors crying through time. It is our identity and thus carries more authority.

This Nigerian Anti sentiment goes back in time and if one decides to take a pause and gaze at the slavery and colonial period.

One would come across facts of how the White man performed sodomy on African men while their kids and wives watched, as a way of stifling their voices and emasculating their standings as an authority of their own.

How then can black people on earth ever see homosexuality as a natural pattern instead of the white man’s way of life that was always meant to insult his own cultural values and perspective of life, while reducing him to the gutters of moral decay?

For a lot of Nigerians homosexuality is nothing more than another battle ground where Western and African values must duel to the finish.

To accept homosexuality as a way of life is to be defeated.

Thus the Nigerian Anti homosexual sentiment is not going anyway anytime soon.

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