23 Weight Loss Affirmations

Weight loss would seem to a lot of people like a waste of time.

Some would prefer that they spend that time inside the gym, making sure that their body is put to the test.

But the truth is, the mind has so much power over our body’s that it is almost hard to imagine.

Thus for those people out there who are familiar with the subconscious mind and how it works.

Trying out affirmations is a must, a mental activity that does exactly what is intended.

For this kind of people with a higher awareness of things, a loss affirmations list is the next big thing after dieting and exercising.

In the Christian religion it is said. That “faith cometh by hearing”. In simple man terms, we become what we listen to Always.

That is what is called mind programing. We repeat what we want to become until our subconscious minds picks it up and puts it on autopilot.

One thing to put in mind when dealing with affirmations is that you make your pronouncements like you have already achieved it.

And “I Am” and “I Have” will help you do just that.

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List Of Weight Loss Affirmations

  1. I have the perfect weight that is healthy in every ways.
  2. I am weighing ______ pounds/kg already.
  3. I have a height metabolic rate that is helping me everyday.
  4. I am always ready to visit the gym
  5. I have the strength for weight lifting
  6. I am eating and living healthy.
  7. I am drinking enough water to help me stay full and burn fat.
  8. I am now drinking myself to a balance weight
  9. I am eating more and more protein for muscle mass.
  10. I am eating less and less calories with every passing day.
  11. I am able to practice intermittent fasting
  12. I am eating more and more while foods.
  13. I am now a vegetable And fruit person
  14. I have drastically cut back on carbs.
  15. I have drastically cut back on sugars
  16. I am drinking more and more coffee for better .
  17. I have overcome the addiction for compulsive eating.
  18. I have overcome the love for refine carbs.
  19. I am health conscious.
  20. I am able to properly diet.
  21. I am able to slowly chew my food.
  22. I am eating more spicy foods for better metabolism.
  23. I am able to get better sleep (lack of sleep is linked to obesity)

I hope this list of weight loss affirmations would help you get to where you need to be in body weight department.

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If you have your own weight loss affirmations and would like to share, then by all means use the comment box.


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