The Issue Of A Very Big Penis

​The Issue Of is no small matter but one that is indeed as serious as the talk on impotence.

The Issue Of A Very is sometimes related to being impotent by some who believe that having a very huge Penis is the only way to really pleasure a woman.

But is that really true?

Most females are introduced into this mindset by older girls without putting into account that these older girls might actually have very big private parts than the size of a normal Penis.

A Big Penis is not the ultimate answer when it comes to sexual satisfaction and that’s talking from experience.

There have been cases where ladies in relationships with dudes with very huge Penises still go out for smaller Penis to have a more pleasurable sex.

A very big penis,
For most guys with very huge Penis, that’s all they need, they are not bothered with the “know how” and here lies the ultimate flaw.

To satisfy a woman in bed means the guy must have sexual knowledge, the knowledge of what and what not to do.

To have a very Big Penis is one thing and to know use it is another thing.

A lot of girls deceived by the popular conception that a very Big Penis is the best, goes after men with that in mind.

And a lot of them come out crying and in pains, because with a very Big Penis, sex often times becomes a session of pain and struggle rather than pleasure.

The Issue Of A Very Big Penis is misplaced and should be considered a secondary factor in the area of sex.

Because before the size of Penis will always come the sexual skill and know how.

The Issue Of A Very Big Penis as a necessity should be relegated to the background where it belongs. Admittedly a very Big Penis might be a nice souvenir but not in all instances.

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