How To Cure Piles With Scent Leaf

Today on this we shall be talking about cure with scent leaf.

In other words the post is about a natural method through which the pains from Pile can be effectively contained.

But What Is Piles?

Piles (haemorrhoids) are swellings that develop inside and around the back passage (anus) (1).

How to cure piles

Type Of Piles (haemorrhoids) 

1.Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids grow from within the rectum that’s above the pectinate line, a boundary that divides the upper two-thirds of the anal canal from the lower one-third of the said area.

2. Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

As the name suggests, prolapsed hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that have protruded through the anal canal.

3. External Hemorrhoids

Also called peranial hematoma, external hemorrhoids develop under the skin located around the outer portion of your anus.

4. Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids

Often seen as a hard and painful lump in the anus, thrombosed external hemorrhoids occur when an underlying vein in the hemorrhoid forms a clot in one or more of the small veins.


I felt it was necessary to mention the different Piles there is, since I was on the topic of how to cure piles with .

What Is Scent Leaf?

How to cure piles,

Scent leaf is scientifically known as Ocimum gratissimum, or as clove basil, African basil, and in Hawaii as wild basil, is a species of Ocimum.

A plant used for culinary purposes.

It was during my stay in Ekiti State.

I realized the predicament when I visited the toilet that morning.

The pain was real.

I could not bring myself to defecate. And then  came the outpouring of blood.

The pharmacist then told me that I had pile. Gave me some drugs and assured me that all would be fine soon.

But seven days later. I was still unable to use the toilet. My belly seemed bloated and I was mightily uncomfortable.

That was when one of the Yoruba tenant showed me how to cure piles with scent leaf.

“Just pluck enough scent leaf and chew” he said.

And that was exactly what I did.

I was woken that very night with the urge to defacate. It stool was suddenly watery and the rest was history.

With scent leaf that is how to cure piles naturally.

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