Why Your Health Needs A Religion

It is almost impossible to separate from . It is as if both shares a symbiotic existence.

Man has a dual nature. One that is and subjective and a physical part which is objective in its details.

One is stationed on this earth while the other is in the world of forms according to platonic philosophers.

But in truth, no matter how separate they may seem at first glance, the both of them are dependent on each other.

In other words, for you to have a perfect health, you definitely need to cater for both your spiritual and physical sides.

When one is imbalanced, the other will follow suit.

The truth is, to be perfectly healthy is to have our spiritual and physical realities on a balanced scale.

You need a doctor as well as a spiritual mentor or guide (a guru, pastor, imam or psychologist).

One to help you take care of the physical while the other, to help you take care of the spiritual.

Meaning, your  health and religion are intertwined.

These days people are so engaged with fine tuning the physical. They frequent the gym, eat good foods and sleep well.

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But what about the spiritual?

That part of them is neglected. Abandoned to rot from within. Out of this abandonment comes psychological challenges that no amount of can contain.

There is great power in Belief. And what we believe in, we become.

And when we believe in God, the exercise becomes a bit different.

Instead of sit-ups, the effort is put into controlling our anger until it is no longer in control of us.

Anger can do a lot of damage to your health. It will drain you emotionally  and even set your emotions against you.

The relationship with God through religion gives you the strength to forgive and forget.

Which in turn allows you to be happy and free from stress.

The lists of health benefits from being part of a religious body and having faith in God are numerous.

And if you really want that perfect health then embrace a religion or rather a belief in God.

And together with your gym sessions, good foods and health tips. Your life would indeed be beautiful.

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