10 Nigerian Health Blog Traits To Look Out For

There are different out there and each is set up for different reasons.

Thus not all of them are equal in terms of services and quality.

Some are just an online warehouse of every kind of garbage.

With that in mind these are the traits to look out for when looking for Blogs to make your favorite.

Nigerian Health Blogs

  1. Is the site service orientated? Some Health blogs are just there for the traffic and ad profits, nothing else.
  2. Are the articles on the site efforts of copy and paste? Most of these blogs don’t even read the posts they publish. They just copy and paste without researching about the content.
  3. Are the posts misleading? Some contents are sponsored but are not labelled to show their origin. And for a fee these health blogs allow these sponsored posts to come off às their write-ups, abusing the trusts of their readers.
  4. Some would deliberately misinform their readers just to make a sale on their blog. Deceiving them into buying products that they know are ineffective in their claims.
  5. Is the Nigerian Health blog responsive to messages? Does the blog render values to its readers by going on research for a specific requests for a particular reader? If its not then it is not worth following.
  6. Is the blog all about objective truth when it comes to health issues? If not, why bother tagging along?
  7. Does it look like the site is a front for an unknown herbalist without any government approval or backing? Then take flight.
  8. Is the blog more about health products, the sale and review of it rather than educative health posts? Then run because such Nigerian Health blogs are mere health E-Store.
  9.  Is the blog tied to any Nigerian Health product without Nafdac registration number? That’s all you need to know that the blog is a fraud itself.
  10. Some Nigerian Health blogs are known for their positive reviews of products that are known everywhere as bad. If you stumble on this fact. Run!
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