Why The Weight Gain Issues In Nigerian Urban Areas

The that is everywhere in Nigeria, speaks of the level of unhealthiness we are now living with.

These issues were never there many years back, when a lot of people still had time to cook their own meals rather than eat fast foods outside.

In that not very distant past, Nigerians were more because they were more active and ate good foods instead of junks.

Now it is no longer news that those in the villages are more healthy than those of us in the city.

Weight gain issues,

And it is not a matter of coincidence. Those villagers visit their farm lands almost every day.

Which gives them the chance to exercise their bodies for hours. Calories are burnt and even lean mass is gain.

The foods they eat are products of their farm lands. Free from any kind of chemicals.

The animals are also products of their natural habitat, while the fishes are directly from the rivers.

In other words they eat healthy foods and by going to the farm, exercise their bodies and thus are hardly victims to the various gain issues now confronting “us” city people.

Those of us in the city hardly visit  the gym. We are living an almost sedentary lifestyle, which is not healthy at all.

The source of our meals are all choked with sugars and chemicals that promote weight gain.

And another fact to put into account is that our various villages are free from environmental pollutions.

Which means their body systems are free from toxins that have become the bane of urban areas.

Weight gain issues,

They are also free from the rush, they have enough time to rest and so are free from stress and stuffs like cortisol. Something we are desperately lacking as city people.
In summary.

If we can adopt some cues from our village brothers and sisters, like..

  • Visit Their Farm=Gym Regularly
  • Eat Healthy Foods=Cut back on your sugars, cut back on carbs, eat more whole foods and leafy greens.
  • Rest our bodies enough from stress and exhaustion.
  • And live in environments free from any kind of pollution.

Then weight gain issues would be drastically minimised among us city people.

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  1. It is a fact that those in the village also live longer.

    Weight gain in my own opinion has more to do with the processed foods urban areas are famous for.

    In Nigeria for instance, our girls are becoming the victims because of the free fast foods they get on a daily.

    Anyways thanks for the post. It was worth Reading.

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