Why You Might Not Be Able To Lose Weight Yourself

You might not be able to , depending on the category you fall into.

Some people are so lazy that doing anything by themselves without any form of assistance is unheard of.

The very act of reading through this Nigerian Health Blog is itself a task most people cannot indulge in simply because it looks like too much work.

They want people to help them in everything.

For them being “ABLE TO LOSE WEIGHT YOURSELF” does not apply and that’s where fitness instructors comes in.

Concerning the food they eat, they would need a strong hand to direct what goes into their meals.

For some of them the meal part is easy but the workout part is not. While for others it is the workout part that is easy and not what they eat on a daily basis.

And then there is the worse of them all, the kind that just can’t workout themselves or be trusted to eat healthy when left with the choice of what to eat.

Seriously if you want to be able to yourself, you must become determine in the struggle.

To do what is right for your health without anyone telling you “its time”.

Be Able To Lose Weight Yourself,

But for those who just can’t work out themselves. A gym or fitness instructor is what you need.

Register at a fitness group with an experienced expert.

Once part of the fitness group. It would become easier to engage yourself at productive workout sessions.

Being part of a group of like minds would be the motivation you need to keep pushing.

You will make friends with issues, desperate to put off the pounds. Friends who need other friends to tag along. Which mean you will be getting phone calls on gym days to get ready.

These sort of partners is what you need to be able to eventually make a weight difference.

All you have to do is make it to the fitness centre in time and the instructor would be the guide you need to burn those extra pounds.

The Food Part

You have to make the choice yourself or suffer the consequence. For starters don’t eat outside. Cook your meals yourself but cut back on the wrong ingredients and you would be ok.

Read this post and you should be able to do the food part all by yourself.

Still on the food part

  • Surround yourself with healthy foods, from your dinning room to your kitchen cabinet. That way when you want to prepare what to eat, you would have no choice but use healthy foods with low calorie content as food ingredients.
  • Change all your snacks to veggies and nuts. Instead of cookies, go for nuts such as almonds, peanuts, cashew..abandon the cakes and biscuits for carrots, apples and watermelon (the list of nuts and fruits are endless, just make your choice).

A time will finally come when healthy living has become your second nature that you will no longer need fitness instructors (except blogs like this one, with health tips you need) and by then you should be able to lose weight yourself whenever and wherever.


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