What Is Intermittent Fasting?

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent is for me one of the best ways to go at weight loss without getting it wrong.

It is becoming a trend in the health and fitness world and it is for a good reason.

Basically the answer to the question “what is intermittent fasting ?”

 It is a eating pattern that involves fasting for a particular period of the day while eating what you like between a prescribed time frame.

It is simple as eating your first meal at noon and eating the last meal by 8pm or even lower.

It is an alternating cycle of fasting and eating that would do miracles for your issues.

It is not about what to eat, thus you can feed on your favorite meals. All that is required is that all your meals are fitted into a time frame.

For instance whenever I want to engage myself at , it goes as follows.

  • I don’t eat until 12 noon. During which I eat whatever  ever I like, as much as I want.
  • Then I stop eating by 7pm. And the cycle begins again at 12 noon the next day.

With this pattern I am operating an Intermittent Fasting of  17/7. In which 17 hours is dedicated to fasting and the remaining 7 hours the eating window in which I am allowed to eat what ever I like.

What is intermittent fasting,

The most popular form of Intermittent Fasting (IF) is the 16/8 schedule. Where you fast for 16 hours of the day, starting from 8 at night to 12 noon, then eat from 12 noon to 8pm in the night.

IF is not because it is not about what you eat but when you eat. Which means you can eat what you like but only within the eating window of 12 to 8.

While going through the fasting period, you are allowed to drink water, teas or coffee but no fluid with calorie content.

The fact that you can eat whatever you like during this eating window does not mean you should eat unhealthy.

So now, ig someone should ask you “WHAT IS INTERMITTENT FASTING?”

Now you know what to say.

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