A Need For Foreign Health Commitment Towards Africa

The need for foreign commitment towards Africa cannot be overemphasized.

The need is greater now more than ever as more and more issues of keep rearing their ugly heads with our government finding themselves crippled by inefficiency.
The need for foreign health commitment towards has seen many NGOs set up shop in Nigeria and else where in Africa.

Foreign Health Commitment Towards Africa,
But majority of these NGOs are but thief’s, funding their personal ambitions through donors fees.

To make it work it is best that these foreign influences set up shops themselves in and other African countries, and carry out their humanitarian efforts themselves.

Of course there are many offices doing their best in this regard but they should be a health foreign office set up in African countries with their purpose directed at making sure funds are properly used.

We also need more powerful persons like Bill Clinton through his kind of Foundation to lend an helping hand.

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