Is Intermittent Fasting Not Working For You?

Nigerian Health Blog-Is intermittent fasting not working for you?

Then there must be something critically wrong with your procedure?

For most people, is the all in one tool to help them get healthy but the truth is, intermittent fasting is just one of many health tools in your toolbox.

Which means that there are other tools to be used in combination with intermittent .

Intermittent fasting not working for you might be as a result of a misapplication of the whole practice.

In the case of weight loss, most people just go into intermittent fasting believing that a 16 hours fast is all they need.


In as much as it is possible to loose enough weight with IF, it is still important that you eat healthy during the whole process.

When it comes to eating healthy it is important, that your meals during the eating window are.

  • Not Saturated with too much calories.
  • There should be a measurement of how much carbs your are taking in.
  • Refine carbs should be minimized by all costs.
  • Eat enough complete proteins
  • Drink enough water
  • Stay away from sugars

And also make sure that you are using the best .

Intermittent fasting not working,
Also, intermittent fasting not working for you might be as a result of what you do, during the fasting hours.

  • Make sure you don’t deprive yourself of sleep, for that habit has been linked to obesity. Sleeping also helps promote the increase of testosterone.
  • Don’t take in caloric drinks during the fast. Water, coffee and non caloric drinks are allowed.

In summary, intermittent fasting must be used in conjunction with other healthy tips in your health book.

Like making sure you use the gym often so as to sculpt the body that is already loosing body fat.

With less , comes the obvious display of muscle mass, 6 packs and all the body aesthetics you have been craving for.

Eat good foods.

Make the majority of them vegetables and fruits. But also make sure to add very good sources of proteins like milk, eggs, steaks and your own personal protein inventions.

Tired of intermittent fasting not working for you?

Then make the needed adjustments.

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