Nutrional Value Of Bananas

Bananas are among the most popular fruits in . But I wonder how many people are aware of the of like they would an English club in relationship to their betting slips.

For those who are still ignorant, this post was designed to help fill the vacuum.

So what is the nutritional value?

Nutritional Value Of Bananas,

One medium size banana has roughly (in daily recommended values):

  • 110 calories
  • .5 grams of fat
  • 27 grams of carbohydrates
  • 14 grams of sugar
  • 3 grams of fiber
  • 1 gram of protein
  • 25% vitamin B6
  • 16% manganese
  • 14% vitamin C
  • 12% potassium
  • 12% fiber
  • 10% copper
  • 10% biotin
  • 8% magnesium

And there you have it. In our bid to live healthy lives, to and live long.

Fruits are the gems that would aid us in that pursuit.

It is then wise that we know the nutritional values and ratios so we know exactly what we are putting on our plates, when making fruit combos.

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