Nutritional Value Of Watermelon

Have you ever wondered about the of watermelon?

You love the but are in ignorant of the values it brings to your body.

But then, there is always a first time, a first time for knowing and becoming familiar to a new knowledge.

Nutritional Value Of Watermelon,
Nutritional Value Of Watermelon

100 grams of raw fruit.

• Water – 91.45 grams

Carbohydrates – 7.55 grams

Phosphorus – 11 mg

Potassium – 112 mg

Magnesium – 10 mg

Calcium – 7 mg

Sodium – 1 mg

Folate – 3 mcg

• Iron – 0.24 mg

• Vitamin A – 569 IU

• Vitamin C – 8.1 mg

Calories – 30.0

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