Nutritional Value Of Mushrooms

Today we shall be talking about . Its been a one day gap in between since I posted anything of value.

Thus today we shall begin with a post on the nutritional value of .

Nutritional value of mushrooms,

Nutritional Value of Mushrooms

100 grams Mushrooms raw

1. Water                        92.6 grams
2. .                    1.8 grams
3. Fat                              0.5grams
4. Carbohydrates        0.4 grams
5. Vitamin C                 1 milligrams
6. Vitamin E                 0.12 milligrams

7. Folate                        44 micrograms

8. Iron                            0.6 milligrams
9. Dietary Fibre           1.1 gram
10. Niacin                      3.2 milligrams

11. (B2)      0.31 milligrams
12. Energy Value K Cals 13 55KJ

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