The Life Of A Fat Nigerian

A is basically a burden, one the public will never cease laying emphasis on.

They simply don’t care about the feelings or emotional torture that a is going through on a daily basis.

For them it is a joke, a public joke that deserves to be laughed at, even if it means seeing another human being break down and fall in pieces into that psychological hell of inferiority complex and worthlessness.

It is not easy when one is a fat Nigerian.

As a fat Nigerian it is immediately assumed that your condition is as a result of being lazy.

And because of that conclusion, you will become a case study. An example of what laziness can lead and the aesthetic damage that is the consequence.

Fat Nigerians,

As a fat Nigerian you will suffer like every other fat people on this planet when it comes to social interaction.

The lack of which would make you and outcast and make your fat issue worse (please when you do find your self in such a situation do not linhwr in self pity, pick your self up and fight those extra layers of fat by burning them off through diets, exercises and the many abundant on.the internet).

Being fat would make you look older than your age which means you would find it hard to fit in with your age mates.

As a fat Nigerian you would be bombarded with lots of fashion parades around you but unfortunately none would fit your condition.

So this what I will advice you to do. Just simply change from a fat Nigerian to a slim healthy Nigerian by working yourself through the process of programs.

It doesn’t matter which, as long as it works and gets you to the place you should be, a place that would no longer warrant the term “a fat Nigerian”.

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