The Unripe Plantain Sex Booster You Might Have Been Looking For

– Unripe is a combination of and other natural ingredients.

– As a sex booster, it will increase sperm volume and thickness, libido, treat and weak erection.

There comes a time for everyone of us when the well of our horniness dries up and our sex life becomes as boring as President Buhari speeches.

Unripe plantain sex booster,

At that point depending on the severity, the search for remedy becomes a paramount quest.

For most of us that search has led us to the realization that unripe plantains can be helpful with treating premature ejaculation, increase libido, thickness and volume of sperm.

As a sex booster, plantains are good for both men and women experiencing sexual limitations.

So today we shall be talking about the sex booster and how it can be prepared.


  • Pure Honey
  • Unripe Plantain
  • Walnuts
  • Cloves

You should have it in mind that the most important among the ingredients are the unripe plantains and the honey.

Unripe plantain sex booster,


  1. Grind or pound the four ingredients into a paste or gel.
  2. Then sun dry the paste or gel, away from flies or insects.

When properly dried, it would become like flakes or dried crumbs and that is your unripe plantain sex booster in its finished form.

It is effective, it is natural and it is cheap and safe. Give it a try and be sexually liberated.

For those who don’t know what walnut is, then know that it is the same as what the Yoruba’s call Asala.

As for the clove, they call it kannafuru.

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