Castor Oil Treats Chronic Constipation

Do you know that castor oil treats chronic constipation? And I kid you not.

If you have noticed, you would have realized that my recent posts have all been about and the different ways to contain this .

The reason being, I am constipated at the moment with a terrible anal fissure and I have taken it upon myself to look for not just a single solution but many, the same reason why I wrote a post on the different natural stool softeners .

But I feel I should go beyond a single post. To detail my recovery from . To bring before you my experience.

Castor oil treats chronic constipation,
And I kid you not. treats chronic constipation without you even waiting for days.

Before today, I had bought a bottle of liquid paraffin and for three days I would take two spoonful before bed and yet nothing changed.

Tired of the experiment I decided to check out castor oil. I took 2 and half table spoon and 2 hours later, despite the presence of I was able to poo easily.

Even as I am writing this post I am getting some serious bowel movements and I am more than happy to visit the toilet again to do justice.

Castor oil is cheap and natural. The one i bought was cold pressed and personally I think it is the fastest route to being relived from constipation.

All you have to so is drink it. A spoonful or two and if there is the issue of anal fissure, just rub the anus with the oil, insert an oiled finger and make sure it is well oiledoiled.
Applying the oil on the anus will help heal the fissure as well as alleviate the pains.
I feel good at the moment and I will keep you guys updated but KNOW THIS castor oil treats chronic constipation as well as anal fissure.

It is a very good natural laxative.

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