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Nigerian Celebrity Ireti Doyle, Dark Skin Ladies And The Industry

Nigerian Celebrity Ireti Doyle has once again brought to the front page a matter of great concern about Dark Skinned actors and their low appeal in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

Some years back i read about the same issue from an interview in which mercy Johnson talked about how being dark made her rise to Fame a very tedious one.

It is a sad reality. Sad because ours is a country of dark skinned people and yet we are still victims because of our natural skin tone.

How can we say we are Black and Proud and yet an Industry that is suppose to project our true image to the world with confidence.

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Is The same tool that has over the years made certain that our blackness remains a spectacle of regret.

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Thankfully, times are changing and the Melanin spirit is spreading Fast.

Hear what Nigerian celebrity Ireti Doyle has to say from Personal experience.

I shot my 1st tv commercial over two decades ago. It was a major deal for an upcoming actor; for the visibility and the pay check.
I nearly lost that gig for being the wrong skin colour. I didn’t match the client rep’s “ideal”.
Thankfully, the director, Mr. Wale Fanu wasn’t a push over. He told the chap to let him do his thing or take him off the project.
Fast forward 20yrs, “Melanin Poppin” has become a # and the dark skinned girl is having her day in the sun.
It might take a little while longer, but eventually it will be clear that “loud and obnoxious” is not quite the same as “bold and audacious”…And that being polite, soft spoken and demure, is not “fake”; neither is it a “weakness”. 📷@kelechiamadiobi (AMVCA 2016)


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