10 Nigerian Celebrity News Facts To Have In Mind

Nigerian celebrity news is one of the most, If not the most popular news genre that is to Nigerians what food is to a refugee camp.

A fact that is quite evident on Nairaland. A fact that is easily detected in the discuss and Past time of Nigerian youths nation wide.

As a topic Nigerian celebrities are not only just famous but are also more relevant than political and religious topics combined.

They are the trend setters, they are now even influencing how Nigerians practise religion (in the case of daddy freeze and the issue of tithing) and inspiring them to ask questions in politics (in the case of 2face and his call for a national protest).

So today we shall be taking time to list out some of the features of this genre, by what it has become in the hands of those telling their story through it and what it ought to be.

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10 Nigerian Celebrity News Fact

  1. Nigerian Celebrity News is basically about every news, gossip and gists that is about Nigerian celebrities. But it is also normal to visit a site that is all about Nigerian celebrities and still be engaged by the gists and gossips of Ghanaian celebs.
  2. The genre is not always what it should be in the hands of some bloggers. As most of them are so keen to always blog that they are now blogging about other topics, even those that are not celebrity related. In other words be expecting to read about politics and religion on a platform that should be about celebrities and entertainment only.
  3. With the above fact, it is safe to state that Linda Ikeji Blog is not a Nigerian Celebrity News site because she blogs about everything. In other words she is just running a General Nigerian Blog.
  4. A common thread that runs through a lot of celebs blog in Nigeria is their love for assumptions. True journalism don’t mean a thing to them. They peddle all kinds of lies. In fact they copy so much from each other that after reading Linda Ikeji, you just shouldn’t bother reading others because the same content is what you will find there.
  5. That is to say, they lack originality. Creativity is not what is to be expected from majority of the blogs. They just don’t have it.
  6. Nigerian Celebrity News is more than mere gossips and gists. There are celebrity facts available and important for true fans to learn from. Like their bio, achievements and awards but sadly not all celeb blogs in Nigeria are interested in educating their readers.
  7. Only few blogs out there are focused on Nigerian Celebrity as the overall theme behind their blogging. Only few carry both originality and creativity. And these few blogs are not as popular as they should.
  8. A lot of bloggers are into blogging for the money and not because they enjoy it. For that reason, it is now the norm to do whatever is necessary to get traffic. So they deviate at will. Writing posts not related to their niche. That is to say they lack true passion.
  9. You should expect to get deceived by post captions that have nothing to do with what you will later read. Click bait is normal for most of them. Because like I earlier said “it’s all about the money”.
  10. Some Nigerian Celebrity News site are specific, some are about the musicians, others are about the actors and actresses while others are a combination of both. Look for the best and stick with the best. Gossip Chef for instance is somewhere inbetween. And what we provide here is deliberately original.


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