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Nigerian Celebrities and the Glorification of Baby Mama’s

Nigerian Celebrities are the social standard of today’s Nigeria, more than pastors and the cultural values that once was the yardstick.

What they say or do, carries more social buzz than lets say a bad legislation that promises to make our lives even worse, as a people.

It is therefore safe, to state that Nigerian celebrities are Powerful Influencers.

No wonder, we are now experiencing a moment of sexual liberation and perversion but that is a matter for another day.

In Africa and Nigeria it was a very big issue to have babies out of wedlock especially for ladies.

It still is but the tide is now moving in favour of Baby Mama’s and daddies, all thanks to the trend setters that are our various Nigerian celebrities.

When it all began it was a matter of mere gossips but now it is as matter of fact.

A fact that is all about the truth that more and more ladies will readily opt for just having babies for well to do men in society as long as there are benefits attached.

Having Nigerian celebrities lead the way in this regard does not at all mean they started it all but that, their involvement is now legitimizing it to an extent.

People no longer see it as a complete taboo because after all their favourite celebrities are also involved in it.

But there is a big difference between ordinary folks and celebrities when it comes to this matter.

For ordinary Nigerians, having babies out of wedlock is never a deliberate decision.

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It happens. A lot of the time as a result of unwanted pregnancies (mostly teenage pregnancies, and therefore unsuitable for mariage).

While for others, it happened because it was just sex that became pregnancy and since there was no true feelings in the first place, It became an out of wedlock scenario.

But for lots of Nigerian celebrities the decision to have babies out of wedlock is 70% of the time deliberate, at least for the male celebs.

But it is a good thing for most of them, as there are allowed to have different shades of babies with different shades of beautiful women from different climates of the world.

And such perfect example is Solid Star.

Nigerian celebrities, Gossip Chef,

Now that is a Nigerian Celebrity that is not all that handsome but then wealth has long been known to enhance even the most dullest surface.

In his case having a baby mama from another climate is a bold move to upgrade the looks of his offsprings.

And on face value that is a very good move.

Look at his baby boy and the aesthetic difference is as clear as black paint poured on a white surface.

Now imagine that he later goes out to mate with another lady from a different part of the world with a different hue and features, that child becomes another addition to his collection of beautiful trophies.

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When looked at from this perspective it is then not at all a bad thing to want to upgrade the next generation.

With more and more celebs having their own baby mama’s as if it is the new toy, it is becoming a very lucrative line of business for lots of Nigerian girls.

Their involvement is teaching Nigerian girls that it is normal to have babies outside of wedlock as long as there is money to be made as well as fame to languish in.

But celebrity or not. Having a child outside of wedlock no matter the gains is below the standard that marriage and holy matrimony can confer on anyone.

With all of the above said. What is you own take when it comes to Nigerian celebrities and baby mamas?

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