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Tonto Dikeh To Pay 400k For That Baby’s Burn! But Are Her Motives Good?

There are a lot of Nigerian Celebrities out there but when it comes to social media generosity none can beat Tonto Dikeh.

She got married. But marriage became for her a battle against which the only defence is to escape.

So now she is single but a lot has changed. She is now a born again even though her own method is questionable.

She is now a cheerful giver, a generous person on a mission to please God by serving humans.

But many people are still not believers!

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They feel she is just trying to create social buzz by capitalizing on other people’s misfortune.

For me, as along as her efforts saves lives then it’s all good.

We need good in this world and what Tonto Dikeh is doing at the moment is worth every minute spent executing it.

That boy is in pains and needs the help. And Tonto Dikeh had this to stay about the matter.

What do you think?

Do you think the motive behind her generosity are of negative origins?

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