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How Was Terry Crews Sexually Assaulted? The Details.

The trending topic on Twitter is about Terry Crews and his stand against sexual assault and how he also became a victim to it through the advances of another man.

Not many people actually know about the whole story apart from the major claim that he was sexually assaulted by another man.

So today we shall be dropping that exact paragraph with how it all went down and what his reaction was at that moment.

According to Vulture:

Crews said he was at a party in 2016 when the head of the motion picture department at his then-agency twice grabbed his genitals — in front of his wife. His first reaction, Crews said, “was to be violent and I immediately held back.” Asked why, the former linebacker had a ready reply. “As a black man in America,” he said, “you only have a few shots at success, you only have a few chances to make yourself a viable member of the community. I’m from Flint, Michigan. I have seen many young black men who were provoked into violence: They were in prison or they were killed. They’re not here.”

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To some his reason for not responding as any other sane man would does make sense but to others, it is just a show of weakness that someone is size is not allowed to display.

But whatever it is good to see Terry Crews stand up as an advocate for the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights.

Even though it means coming forward with his sexual assault story that is now making him trend online for the wrong reasons.

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