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Rappers, Stop letting Racists In Your Crew In The Name Of hiphop – Talib Kweli

There are lots of white guys claiming love for hip hop but are just there to cause rot from the inside.

And that is just the current situation Talib Kweli has found himself.

According to him:

  • talibkweliSo this rapper named Serious Truth, (Christian Godinho) from Gloucester MA shows up to tell me to stop talking abt race on Twitter. I say no. He then posts my private home address where my family lives online. Then he accuses me of raping children. I do my homework and find out this guy is an arsonist who beats women, so I share that knowledge. Now he’s started a gofundme to raise money so that he can sue me, for money. This is the definition of a culture vulture. Rappers, stop letting racists in your crew just cuz they claim to like hiphop. Tighten your circle.

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It’s crazy how people get close with the sole intent of making money off you, which is the very aim of this so called Serious Truth. As well as cause you pains.

I wonder what the aim was, posting Talib Kweli private home address online.

To put his family in danger?

And now that his own dirts is now everywhere. He wants to sue for defamation.

Can you imagine?

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