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Dare To Dream, To Believe And Ignite Your Beginning – Joselyn Dumas

My first contact with the Ghanian actress Joselyn Dumas was of course on my Tv screen.

I was like “See hips!”

Mehn! I was made an instant admirer of what she represented.

But the truth is, what we see on our TV screens most times are just a moment in transit.

But if you take a pause, take a look back into the lives of the persons we have come to love on screen then we would realize that they were once in our shoes!

Filled with anxiety and fear. But one day decided to believe that they were more than their condition.

That they were beautiful and special and that they could achieve their dreams.

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And for Joselyn Dumas that believe was all that brought her this far. From a misfit to a hero.

According to her.

  • joselyn_dumasSmall town girl armed with nothing but a dream. She took a leap of faith with the wind of God behind her and surrounding her believed she could & she did and still at it. Day in day out her story unfolds…….ignite⚡️your beginning.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and become the hero you were meant to be.

Even if for no one else, then do it for you.

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