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I Am Sometimes Sitting On Tables I Shake – Alibaba

Alibaba comes online. Writes his thought about the Nigerian situation, so everybody can peek into his mind.

But does that make him a saint or Mr. Perfect?

I don’t think so.

Rather i see a Nigerian that just won’t keep quiet when he should really be talking.

Especially at a time when Nigeria is on fire.

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And for those who think he is talking too much or sound g too righteous, this one is for you.

If King David lived amongst us now, in these days, many will not as much as read his story, not to talk of quoting his #Psalms. I get it that many people will not see pass your faults. But trust me, if you are driving down the road and a mad man is running in the opposite direction shouting Herdsmen are killing people, WOULD YOU FIRST BEAT A RETREAT, OR BE QUESTIONING HIS MENTAL STATE? As for me, i will thank him sef for the concern and get to safety. There is proverb in EUrhobo… that when you close your eyes to the bad things in a person… you will miss the good ones. Oh! the guy is Yoruba, so you dont answer him, because you prefer the Igbo guy. But, when the Igbo guy begins to be violent, you then realize that tribal sentiments dont come with maturity installed. You see a guy who is Igbo and say he is not too polished… then follow the Itsekiri guy who dresses like a lord… then find out he has 5 other babes like you on stand by. Or you see a dark babe, who is hardworking and loves you… but you would rather go for yalloooo things. And that yalloooo one, who is yalloooo because she has inferiority complex, a complex that is deep sitted in the belief that she can not be loved or appreciated by any man if she is not yallow. You miss the core of that complexity. IT MEANS SHE IS ARTIFICIAL. Sorry i digressed. I was trying to say we are not all saints. I am not. So when I write, I only state the realities. Ivam sometimes sitting on tables I shake… when I say Nigeria is not good, does it make me a Ghanaian? When I criticise artistes, I am not exonerated. In fact, some of the stuff i write about, are experiences I have been through, and as such, would rather you, if you havent been, avoided. So Please don’t go and start thinking l am passing myself off as a Pope… Because i have serious baggage. But when it comes to telling it as it is, i dey there. So again, i ask, if King David were a Nigerian, would you have forgiven him? Because, there are many who you dont buy their DVDs or CDs anymore because he jilted someone you know. Some people you dont talk to now, just because they voted against your choice in BBAfrica… kilode???? Life is not that hard.

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