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Nigeria Is A Quasi Racist System Run By Self Hating Blacks – Seun Kuti

The recent plateau killings and the Otedola Bridge Explosion are the highlights of the tragedies affecting Nigeria at the moment.

And different Nigerian celebrities have become vocal and demanding of a change that is very much needed.

One celebrity that has joined voice to the argument is the son of late Legendary Afro Beat singer Fela.

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And Seun Kuti is approaching matters from a different angle. It’s like a call to awareness, warning and a prophesy.

Check it out.

  • shotsdbossY’all reacting. It’s time to get proactive. Before there was Boko haram and herdsmen the Nigerian army wiped out ODI AND ZAKI BIAM from the Face of the earth. Before a fire on the bridge dangotes trucks alone had killed hundred of people on our highways. Your enemies are staring you in the face , Are u brave enough to battle and boycott them as appropriate or u want to stoke the flames of hatred? All these deaths in d name of transporting rich people goods. Be it cows or petrol , we aren’t worth it but yea go on. Hate urselves and praise them and even wish to be like them, just miss me with the nonsense ! And all of you speaking the words of your masters , knowing fully well that the poor and working class people of this country are innocent, knowing fully well that most of them are victims of a vicious quasi racist system run by self hating blacks, but u choose to stoke this flames with ur masters because u are getting your, I have a lightening message for u all o, THE DAY OF RECKONING IS NEAR

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