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Nobody s Should Tell Me to #PrayForNigeria INEC Would NOT Count Our Prayer Points – Alex Ekubo

Alex Ekubo is crying out like many other Nigerian celebrities who can no longer keep quiet.

For the very first time I can actually say that Nigerian Celebrities are finally doing their work.

The work of checking the powers that be through their celebrity influence.

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In relation to all the bad bad things happening in Nigeria, from the recent plateau killings to the otedola bridge explosion, below is how Alex Ekubo’s response.

  • alexxekuboI woke up this morning with a heavy heart, i’m sick of the disparity between things as they are, & as they should be. I’m tired. I’m tired of the truth, i’m tired of lying about the truth, i’m tired of pretending that everything is okay, when actually it isn’t, Use social media to show the world the Nigeria you want them to see, lets see how we can correct what Chimamanda Adichie aptly described as “the danger of a single story”, but how do you tell a homeless person not to wash his dirty linen in public, when clearly he lives in public view, Living in Nigeria has become like living an unending episode of a series of unfortunate events, we can’t seem to catch a break, well i’m tired, i’m done pretending, so dear World, here are a few truths about about Nigeria your giant of Africa.
    . * I once likened Nigeria to the proverbial “Small dog, with a big name” after filming in Cameroon for 8days without experiencing power outage, they called me unpatriotic,but truth is since i was born, i have never experienced steady power supply in my country, it is important to note i turned 32 in April.
    * we have always suffered what my dad described as “the tragedy of foisted leaders”, the leaders in my country constantly tell us that we are the leaders of tomorrow, yet 80 & above still cling to power like its their oxygen tank.
    * we have an arm of the police called FSARS, whose job description is harassment, bullying & extortion of innocent & harmless citizens. #EndSars#EndSarsBrutality
    * we are led by a president who went on international television to call the youth of his country Lazy, undeserving & uneducated.
    * Herdsmen go into a community killing everyone including harmless women & children & the government of the day won’t declare a state of emergency or move a muscle.
    * in my country a cow has equal or more rights than a human being.
    * we just lost innocent lives as a result of a tanker explosion on Otedola bridge, they still won’t do anything to change traffic/motoring safety.
    * Nigeria is NOT working, Nigeria is NOT working, have i said that enough?

    Pls nobody should tell me to #PrayForNigeria INEC would NOT count our prayer points, we NEED to end this 💔🇳🇬

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