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Romance: The Person Distracting You From Where You Are May Not Be Worth It – Alibaba

Many relationships don’t work out for diverse reasons but sometimes the majority of reasons just don’t make sense.

Senseless because a partner might became jaded by an illusion, abandons the best deal as long as love and happiness is concerned.

Go get involved with an illusion and become scarred for life.

Needless to say, most of them become the angry voices in society chanting how men are this and that.

When it was their fault all along.

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But here is what Alibaba has to say concerning the matter. Especially for those of you that are on the verge of loosing something precious for a momentary pleasure that has no promise of a tomorrow.

  • alibabagcfrAs ordinary & funny as this post may be, its very poignant. Its a core part of the value system in relationships. You would have heard the wise say, the person that has cap, has no head, the person that has head, has no cap. Most times, the person doing the most may not be appreciated by the beneficiaries. The beneficiary has thus taken for granted what efforts the benefactor invests in the relationship. Sometime last year, (dont know if you remember), I shared a post on a lady who broke a guys Range Rover Sport rear Windshield, because she was angry over certain things. One of which was, jealousy. She felt he must have been seeing someone else. She confronted him. He denied & when their voices had started drawing attention, he got in his car to drive off & she threw a flower vase at his Range in Rage. Please Note the following: He brought her from Ogba to Lekki, because he couldnt be shuttling the distance. He rented the house for her. Got her a car. Gave her a small monthly allowance of 50k. Long story short, he moved on and all benefits were withdrawn. She came by the other & opened up to me, that she should have considered all the good stuff that he did & meant to her. Because things are so bad right now. BACK TO THE POST. Do you you know that the person distracting you from where you are may not be worth it? Love is overrated oooo! How you feel, yes, all those weak in the knees, melted hearts & ojigbijigbi matter. But when condition is critical & “Omoze ri garri becomes 5 pence”, you will value what you lost. This has been the opportunity cost that makes a lot of people bitter. Not necessarily for the relationship that ended, but for the new one. They begin to miss all the benefits, and if the new one doesnt measure up, or even surpass what they had going before they jumped ship, it can mess up the new relationship. So when you find a guy or a girl that FRIES YOU EGGS, while you are chilling, smiling & chatting, DONT YOKE WITH IT. Value it. Appreciate it. Express it. And for God’s sake weigh it with the opportunity cost. As for you, listen to “Hello from the other side” by @Adele. I hope No tables were shaken in this caption. Taaaaaaink ewe.

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