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The Lawlessness In Our Nation keeps Leading To Constant Disaster – Ramsey Nouah

Otedola Bridge Explosion

Nigeria is literally on fire! And as a people we are tired of the never ending chaos and disaster.

Did you guys watch the videos of the otedola bridge explosion, the many guys burnt, the lives lost and the sense of fear now spreading fast round the country.

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Well if you know any one affected by the fire then Ramsey Nouah has this important information for you.

  • ramseynouahThis is saddening. The lawlessness in our nation keeps leading to constant disaster. When will we outgrow this savagery??? My heart bleeds for the human loss on this day. May the souls of the departed rest in peace. *Information*

    Good evening dear esteemed customer. In the wake of the terrible inferno this evening at the Otedola bridge axis where several lives were lost and over 40 vehicles burnt; if you know if any hospital where the casualties or survivors are receiving treatment, kindly communicate with us at *_Fresh Serve_*. We shall be willing to donate raw wild honey and Aloe Vera gel for the treatment of their burns, as well as serve them fresh fruits and veg juices that are high in Vitamin C free of charge for the next 30days to fasten their healing process. We feel their pains because we been through such burn situation, kindly share with whoever can help give us a lead to hospitals where the victims are. God bless you.

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